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Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Jupiter, FL

Is the temperature rising in your home because your air conditioner broke down? Call (561) 509-5320 and let our experts provide you with fast, reliable, and affordable Jupiter AC repair, maintenance, and installation services today!

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Nothing is as stressful as coming home to find that your air conditioner is no longer cooling your home. Before panicking let our staff come to your aid. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating we understand how challenging an air conditioning failure can be to your home. As such, we make it our mission to provide you with timely AC repair services that are both effective and affordable. So contact us today, and get our “always on time…or you don’t pay a dime” promise today!

  • Our service benefits include:

    • “Always on time…or you don’t pay a dime!”
    • After Hours Services
    • Highly Skilled & Experienced Professionals
    • Affordable Rates & Promotions
    • Stand Behind Our Work 100%

    What are signs your air conditioner is about to breakdown?

    As any Jupiter resident will know, the air conditioner in your home is critical to your comfort and well being. Yet, more often than not, homeowners fail to care for their systems until they breakdown. Some of the common signs you should be on the lookout include:

    • Low Airflow – If you’re used to strong airflow from your vents, then you will be able to easily detect when the airflow is faltering. This can stem from a mechanical issue, or damage in the ductwork, both of which require professional service to care for.
    • High Energy Cost – Your air conditioner is one of the highest consumers of electricity in your home. The last thing you want is for those costs to continue rising. If you notice spikes in your energy consumption, be sure to contact our professionals for help.
    • Fluctuating Power – Your air conditioner should turn on and function until the desired temperature in your home is reached with no issues. If you find that your air conditioner is turning on and off constantly, without ever reaching a desired temperature, then give our experts a call.
    • Odor/Sound – When your air conditioner functions, it generally makes a normal amount of noise. If you hear rattling, squeaking, or smell strange odors, then chances are there is a mechanical failure in your air conditioner. Our professionals will be able to inspect the unit and find the source of the problem in no time!

    By understanding how your air conditioner operates normally, you should be able to tell when something is wrong. At the first sign of these issues, be sure to give our professionals a call. We arrive on time, every time, and provide you with quality Jupiter AC repair services, that can help restore the cool air to your home in no time!

    How can air filter replacements benefit your home?

    The air filter in your air conditioner is responsible for purifying the air entering your home. If it’s changed regularly you will be able to enjoy cleaner air, longer lasting appliances, and improved energy efficiency. While some homeowners may attempt to replace air filters themselves, it is always much easier to rely on experts to get the job done for you.

    At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating we offer all our customers in the Jupiter area, the most efficient air filter replacement services. You can schedule appointments on a regular basis to ensure that your air filter is always replaced when it should be. Our professional staff can also help you choose the best filters for your home, to ensure the highest quality cleaning solutions year round.

    Is a ductless mini split AC system right for your home?

    For homeowners looking for the ultimate control over the cooling in their home, a ductless mini split AC system is a great option for you. These systems are a great benefit to the home because:

    • Size – Ductless mini split AC systems are small in size, and can be installed just about anywhere. This allows for homeowners to enjoy cooling in their homes without having to worry about large machinery in their rooms.
    • Energy Efficient – These units only work as needed to cool specific areas of the home. This prevents excess usage and wasted operation throughout the day.
    • Affordability – Because there is no need for ductwork and their size, ductless mini split AC systems are a great option for homeowners looking to stay on a budget.
    • Improved Comfort – The biggest benefit of a ductless mini split AC system is the added comfort it can have in your home. If you want area of your home warm, and the other cold, a ductless mini split can make this happen.

    Our professionals have the experience needed to help you find and install a Jupiter ductless mini split AC system in your home. Whether you have made an expansion to your home, or simply want added comfort to specific rooms, our staff has the skills needed to get the job done right.

    Contact us today!

    At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating we put our customers first with every service request. We will arrive at your home in a timely fashion, and provide you with the highest quality solutions, which won’t break the bank. Additionally, we stand behind our work, so you never have to worry about flighty professionals again!

    Our Jupiter Cooling Services Include:

    • AC Installation & Replacement
    • AC Repair & Maintenance
    • AC Filter Replacements
    • Air Handles Services
    • Ductless Mini Split AC Systems
    • Evaporator Coil Services
    • Air Duct Repair & Installation
    • UV Air Sanitizers
    • Air Purifiers
    • Advanced Thermostat Services

Jupiter, FL residents – Call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Today – 561-509-5320.

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